Greg's Dock, just down the hill from Juliet's Studio

The Scorpion got a fairly substantial makeover for 2007 in the form of new power.  While the boat has always handled well the Yamaha motors that were on the boat when I got it were never reliable enough to really trust the boat.  The decision was made that the only way to get reliable power was to put on new motors.  Due to the difficulty I had in getting Yamaha service and since I knew a couple Mercury mechanics who I trust the decision was between Verado's and 250-XS.  In the end I decided on the Verado due to it's quiet operation, and I really don't miss having to fill oil tanks either.

For 2009 the top was replaced with a new custom design canvas top.  The new top is over 100 lbs lighter and eliminates the "banging" of the old top in rougher water.

Along with the new power came a complete makeover of the console.  The old analog gauges were swapped for new Smartcraft gauges, except for the house battery voltage and the fuel gauges.  The old tilt helm was replaced with a new Mercury power steering tilt helm.  The Livorsi shift/throttle unit was replaced by a Mercury Zero-Effort DTS unit.  I also decided to go back to the more traditional S-S-T-T arrangement instead of the S-T-T-S I had on the Livorsi as it is easier to dock with one hand with both shifts on the same side.  The Zero-Effort trim in the handle is a single button for both motors, so we had to add a new panel to get separate motor trim to adjust them.  The tab switch panel will be changed out to match the new motor trim button panel.

The all white upholstery I installed when I got the boat is holding up well.  The back seat is not in the boat in this picture, it simply clips in and out to preserve access to the transom rigging (although I no longer need to access it to get to primer bulbs to start the motors, another plus).


The surprise with the new power is that the boat is also 5 MPH faster (so far, the new motors are still breaking in so may even gain another MPH).  The installation was all done by American Performance Marine and worked out very well.  Excuse the dirt, I haven't stopped running the boat long enough to really clean it since I got it back from the shop with the new motors.

And Alexanna and I are once again able to got for a fun ride on the local waters.